Healthy smoothies, bursting with goodness

Kickstart your morning with a delicious, nutritious smoothie to awaken the senses and get you through the day.

Pre-prepped and full of frozen fruit, veg and healthy grains with no nasties, simply add a splash of your chosen liquid (we love coconut water!) blitz, and you’re good to go.

Apple Blackberry Smoothie (Pack of 5)

Regular price £12.00

Within each of our pre-prepared smoothie pouches you can be assured there are no added sugars, no preservatives, no stabilisers and above all, no nasties. Just pure pre-prepared frozen fruit, vegetables and healthy grains, meaning they are gluten free and dairy free. With everything you need to keep you active and healthy throughout the day, your tastebuds will love the cool, refreshing taste these drinks have to offer. So stock your freezer full of our smoothies, bursting with vitamins, to ensure you never go without!

If you are new to our smoothie pouch collection, why not start with our Smoothie Taster Bundle. Containing 6 flavours, you will be sure to find your favorite. If you’re a smoothieholic, discover your next favourite flavour today by checking out our collections: Green smoothies | Banana smoothies | Berry smoothies | Mango smoothies. By far the easiest way to receive your 5-a-day!