Healthy Ready Meal Bundles

Our healthy ready meal bundles have made trying new nutritious meals easy. Whether you are ordering for the first time and not sure where to start, or a long standing customer who loves the convenience, these bundles are for you.

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What is great about experiencing our healthy ready meal bundles, is that you can try multiple meals that you might not have thought to order for yourself previously. If you're looking to keep your freezer stocked with healthy convenient food and drinks, why not start with our Meals & Smoothies Superbundle. Inside this package you will find not only a 12 pack of refreshing frozen smoothies, but also a selection of our finest chef-cooked meals. You could expect to tuck into mouth watering meals like our Creamy Coconut Fish Pie or a Smoky Chipotle Chicken, either way your stomach will be full by the end of the meal!

Each of our healthy ready meals, inside the bundles, are expertly concocted by our wonderful chefs. We only use the finest, and sustainably sourced ingredients to add to our products, which is why every mouthful is packed full of incredible flavours! Discover our full range of healthy ready meals today.