Healthy Thai Ready Meals

Healthy Thai ready meals have never been this delicious and packed full of nutrients before. Our wonderful busy chefs have created a range of dishes, that makes enjoying Thai cuisine at home easy. Let your mouth water with the fragrant and spicy flavours, that capture the feel of Asia. Ready within 10 minutes, you will have a vibrant dish quicker than any takeaway.

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Black Rice

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Simply pop into the oven or microwave, then prepare your taste buds for the deliciously healthy Thai ready meal you are about to enjoy! A popular choice in this range is the fragrant Thai Green Chicken Curry. Bursting with all the sunshine flavours of Thailand, you can expect hints of zingy lemon and fiery chilli to warm your mouth.
Incorporating the finest fresh ingredients, we choose to sustainably source all produce that go into making our meals. We think this is the secret to achieving the best dishes possible. You can also relax knowing your ready meal is made 100% free from refined carbs, gluten and dairy. Meaning everyone can enjoy the goodness.    

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