Healthy Fish Ready Meals

Our healthy fish ready meals are made with fresh, sustainably caught fish landed in UK ports.

Suitable for both the microwave and oven, your nutritionally-balanced dish can be ready in as little as 8 minutes. This means you can enjoy a delicious, high protein ready meal quicker than any takeaway.

Mediterranean pesto salmon

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All of our healthy ready meals are handcrafted by our wonderful chefs, then frozen from fresh to ensure the nutrients and flavours and locked in to every mouthful you take. If you're not sure what to order first, we can recommend our Creamy Coconut Fish Pie. Combining coconut milk, healthy greens and sustainably sourced fish chunks, our decadent fish pie is a real crowd-pleaser, and the perfect meal to finish off the day.

If you are wanting to explore exotic dishes from further afield, why not discover our full range of healthy ready meals today. We can provide fragrant Thai ready meals, like our Thai Green Chicken Curry. With this dish you can even double up on portions to experience more of the sunshine flavours Thailand has to offer. If you are fancying something with a little more spice, check out our Indian ready meal selection as well.